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VENECIA, 23 04 1324:   L'Imperatore Federico II che si trova a Venezia ripara ad Aquileia per evit --->>
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This Almanac about Venice History

comes from years of research in the Frari Archives, in the Marciana Library and in Correr Museum.
Between old shelves, turning the pages of ancient Buste, Raspe, Commentarii, I could taste the emotion of touching manuscripts, with signatures and seals of Procuratori, Dogi, Condottieres...
I transcribed the many interesting things I have discovered part on books, others on slide-shows, others more are just laying as simple notes on my personal archives.

Luigi "Gigio" Zanon

Venice History, Notes on 29 February
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29 February 1720
Inizia lo scavo di un canale che colleghi il porto del Lido al porto di Malamocco.
Àˆ la canaletta che costeggia il Lido sul versante Laguna.

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